rittenhouse building

Building New Housing

Councilmember Jan Perry is the only candidate with a record of building housing for residents on all income levels and getting homeless people off our streets and into supportive housing.


Turning Downtown
Los Angeles Around

The renaissance of Downtown Los Angeles into a destination location was the work of Councilmember Jan Perry. By bringing all community stake holders together Jan help build housing, new parks and green spaces and most importantly creating over 90,000 new jobs in the greater Los Angeles area. 


Building Green
Not Just Talking Green

Councilwomen Jan Perry has a record of protecting our environment, expanding parks and creating new wildlife habitats. It is easy to talk about fighting for our natural resources, but Jan Perry has a record of greening communities with the greatest needs. 


Creating Good Jobs
With Good Wages

As Councilmember and later on as the head of Los Angeles Workforce & Development Department, Jan Perry created more than 90,000 new jobs in the greater Los Angeles region by bringing business, labor and community leaders together to work together for the greater benefit of all communities. 


A Record of Delivering
on Women’s Rights

Councilmember Jan Perry led the fight to build to provide one of a kind special services to homeless women and families. And a time when women’s reproductive rights are under attack, she worked with Planned Parenthood to establish a full-service clinic in South Los Angeles in to dramatically improve women's access to health care services.